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About us

HKba - we don't just collect buses!


HKba introduces to people not only our iconic moving heritage, but also other wonderful elements in our culture.

We preserve important cultural assets from Hong Kong, be it tangible or intangible, moving or immobile. 

We provide opportunities for everyone to learn about Hong Kong culture, enjoy our heritage and to remember our past.

To achieve these, we are trying to make ourselves independent yet sustainable.

By doing so, we provoke thoughts and impact on how we act in the future.

How we started


Ex-KMB 3BL146 was withdrawn from passenger service in 2019. Before that, there had been rumours that some bus collectors had considered preserving. 

Sadly, that didn't come true.

Knowing that the iconic bus would have been converted into a mobile home if nothing had been done, a team was formed to rescue and preserve this important bus by Hong Kongers who are dedicated to promote the culture of Hong Kong. We decided to form the organisation since it enables us to gather resources, better preserve vintage vehicles and carry out our work to further promote Hong Kong and our unique culture.

In addition to bus preservation and restoration, more projects activities and events will follow, as we are not only interested in collecting buses for our own enjoyment! To enable us to do the best, we need your support. Please subscribe to our social media channels for updates, shop at our online shop or make a donation.


Feel free to contact us if you’d like to learn more of our project, to explore ways to cooperate and to become a volunteer. Everyone is welcomed!

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