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HKba Autumn (Chung Yeung) Bus Tour 2021

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

The Chung Yeung festival is a time for outing and remembering our ancestors. That's why we in #HKba took the chance and organised our very first activity yesterday. Although we were facing a bit of technical difficulties and had to hire a replacement coach, it turned out to be a fun and relaxing day out for everyone.

Before having a pleasant ride on the newly-refurbished ex-Citybus #385, participants were even able to have a look at G.H. Watt's well maintained fleet of Metrobuses. The ride on 385 started at noon and it was just a showcase of how well a bus of such age (29 years old) - it was a smooth ride and everyone could feel the power of the Cummins LT10 engine, which is designed to tackle the heavier body brought by the extra length and air condition unit.

We were also delighted that our Dennis Condor - #DA3 - was able to join us after a meal break at Leicester. Although some of our guests could only have a short ride around the city, they were able to feel her power as she was designed to tackle the steep hills on Hong Kong Island!

Thank you everyone involved! DA3 will now hibernate in preparation for a new MOT and we'll see you in Spring again!

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